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Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Granite Counters  

Helpful Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Granite Counters

After buying granite counters, many people think the surfaces will take care of themselves. Others believe using the same methods for cleaning other counter materials is sufficient. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case.


It’s crucial for a homeowner to learn how to care for new granite countertops. Some tips to do this successfully can be found here.


Ensure the Countertop has been Sealed


While granite is an extremely hard surface and while it is not as porous as marble or quartz countertops chicago, if it is not sealed, granite countertops chicago will soak up stains, spills, and oils. To find out if granite is sealed, or not, put a few drops on the surface.


If giallo ornamental granite beads up, then it has a secure seal. If the water soaks into the granite surface after a few minutes, then it is a good idea to go ahead and reseal the granite countertops.


Avoid Using my granite or Cleaners


Acidic cleaners, such as lime, lemon, vinegar, and anything that contains bleach or ammonia need to be avoided when cleaning a granite surface. If these chemicals are used too often, they are going to weaken and dull the sealant. Put simply, the harsher the cleaner is, the quicker it is going to break the sealant down.


Be Gentle When Cleaning


When cleaning the granite surfaces be as gentle as possible. It’s a good idea to use a mild dish soap and warm water. It’s also a good idea to use a microfiber cloth or nubby washcloth for day-to-day cleaning.


Disinfecting the Granite Surface


A properly sealed granite surface is going to be impervious to bacteria. Dish soap and hot water should be used. However, if a stronger disinfectant cleaner is needed, it’s fine to make a mix of 50/50 solution using water and isopropyl alcohol.


This can be sprayed on the granite. Once in place, allow it to sit for about three to five minutes. After that, rinse the water and then dry the surface using a clean, soft cloth. As mentioned above, don’t use ammonia or bleach cleaners.


If a homeowner has new granite surfaces installed in their home, it’s a good idea to ensure they are properly cleaned and maintained. This is the best way to ensure the surface continues looking great for years to come. Being informed is granite marble price to ensure that counters are properly cared for and that no issues have occurred.