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Massage Therapy for Deep Tissues Can Help Lower or Eliminate Back Pain  

Massage Therapy for Deep Tissues Can Help Lower or Eliminate Back Pain

Deep tissue massage is the specific manipulation of the soft tissue of our body. This type of massage therapy is generally applied by hands, fingers elbows, feet forearms or an instrument that is held by hand. The goal of deep tissue massage is usually the alleviation of pain or body strain. The practice is typically mixed with other massage therapies like Swedish massage and trigger point therapy. An experienced massage therapist can target specific areas to lessen stress, improve circulation and boost the energy levels.

Deep tissue massage has two primary purposes: to increase the strength and flexibility of muscles. It can also be used to relax tight muscles, ease tension in muscles, improve joint flexibility, and range of motion. This type of massage is helpful to reduce muscle soreness and spasm when muscles are continuously stressed or tense.

Trigger points are locations that allow the body to release unwanted tension and stress. When performing a deep tissue massage therapy the therapist applies firm pressure to these points. The pressure applied should be sufficient to cause discomfort but not so much as to cause pain. The aim is to relieve negative tension from the body without creating injury. This kind of treatment could cause mild to severe discomfort for most people.

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