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Thai Massage and Traditional Burmese Massage Techniques  

Thai Massage and Traditional Burmese Massage Techniques

Ever been at a massage parlor and felt the need to share your massage experience? What if someone told you that you could make money doing massages and giving massages? You could join them in their establishments around town, giving massages to your friends and neighbors for a good living? Sounds like a terrific idea, right? The only problem is, there's absolutely no massage school in Burma.

Massage is a derivative of Chinese acupuncture, which has been created to help release stress and pain by using smooth muscle manipulation and friction. You might have seen the instructional video on how to provide a good massage - the kind you would get from a professional masseuse. In fact, most of the movements shown in the video are pretty much identical to conventional massage. However, there seems to be less focus on Thai Sen energy meridian pathways, and more attention to kneading Thai Sen energy meridian lines.

That is not to say that the methods used in the video aren't good. They are. But the whole point is that you don't need to study and train for a long time to be a massage therapist in Burma. Even though the massage technique looks similar, you don't need to learn and practice countless kneading strokes to learn the Burmese massage therapy.

Many people are familiar with the word"mystery shopper." A mystery shopper goes to a spa, often shopping for massage therapy, and the spa does not show up as advertised. The shopper then decides to visi