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Swedish Massage Therapy: Comfort is the Initial Reward  

Swedish Massage Therapy: Comfort is the Initial Reward

Swedish massage and deep tissue massage have become popular forms of therapeutic massage. Swedish massage utilizes light-to-moderate stress and long, sweeping strokes to deliver soothing comfort. Deep tissue massage, meanwhile, is an intense, demanding technique that releases chronic tension deep within the muscles and soft connective tissues. The two types of massages use special massage techniques with varying results and effects.

As its name suggests, Swedish massage utilizes very mild, smooth strokes with no harsh, stinging pressure. Its long strokes lead to enhanced circulation and improved lymphatic drainage. Swedish massage also enhances blood flow and lowers the resistance of calcium deposit. It helps restore normal balance in energy levels and emotional well being. The goal of deep tissue massage, by comparison, is to reduce stiffness and restore or preserve normal function while allowing natural motion of muscles. Deep tissue massage also alleviates pain, stimulates the lymphatic system, and gives relief from tension and anxiety.

Additionally, Swedish massage might be applied to areas that are hurt, inflamed, or swollen. The therapist will normally start at the inner thighs, working their way out. This type of stroke stimulates blood vessels and increases circulation, helping to relieve some feelings of heavi