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Trigger Point Massage Focus  

Trigger Point Massage Focus

Trigger point massage is an ancient type of massage therapy that has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine and massage therapy practices. Though Trigger point massage is sometimes known as"Chinese massage," the practice is truly not Chinese at all. In fact, Trigger point massage is an excellent massage therapy for relieving stress, pain, and soreness. How Trigger point massage works is very different from regular massage.

Trigger point therapy was developed by the Swedish Medical practitioner Carl Gustafsson in the 1800s as a way of reducing debilitating muscle tissue. Unlike regular massage, however, trigger point massage does not only moisturize your muscles using circular motions to soothe them. Rather, in this minute treatment, the masseuse coaxes the muscle tissue to relax by applying very persistent pressure. This technique is also sometimes called"muscle spasm massage."

Trigger point therapy works because the massage strokes cause tiny tears in the protective covering of the muscle tissues. When these protective tears become repaired, they become weaker and more prone to injury. Since they're vulnerable to injury, a greater quantity of pressure must bring them back to their proper state. Trigger point massage therapist's use techniques like suctioning, friction, and ultrasonic energy to split up these cells that are damaged and for