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Avian Flu Do You Want the good thing or the Bad News  

Avian Flu Do You Want the good thing or the Bad News

Avian Flu: The bad news first

Well, it's flu season again. Only this time around, we hear everyone talking about avian flu? festival that is expected to wreck havoc across our land in the not distant months.

Just what exactly is avian flu? Avian flu is bird flu. Yes, you read that right, "Avian flu is bird flu." And why might that be such bad news?

If you pursue the news much, you will read that the deadliest disease ever sold is widely thought to be the Spanish Flu epidemic which killed 40 million people in only months. Scientists now believe the epidemic was an avian flu pandemic. Put simply, the virus originated from birds - it is believed - and a virus such as this one -called the "H5N1" (a kind of avian flu virus). Its origins? Most scientists agree it originated in Asia, as this one.

Flu comes every season. It will come in 1 of 2 forms, Type A or Type B influenza. Type A is the more potent of these kinds of flu, and avian flu is Type A. These strains kill.

The current avian flu bug is infecting and spreading throughout the poultry industry in Asia. Why so often in Asia? To put it simply?and here is a key to finding out how to cope with avian flu - poultry farms are absolutely filthy. The stench from such farms, especially those throughout Asia, could be detected a mile away. Those farms are packed with animals which are wea