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How to Make a Delicious French Boule  

How to Make a Delicious French Boule

A few years ago, I discovered the best French Boule. This dish is very popular throughout France, Italy, and even in England (in case you have visited London, you've probably been to Pompano, a very popular city in Italy known for theirs). I was impressed at how easy this dish was supposed to make. So easy that I made it the first time I saw it and then made it the second time! A real surprise to me!

The normal loaf of French bread is very simple to make, and you may already have it in your kitchen. If not, it is a pretty simple thing to substitute. Thus, if you can not get the traditional French rule in your kitchen, what are you going to do?

Most people will think of all purpose flour when they think about this dish, but I prefer to use semolina flour. This semolina flour offers much more flavor and texture than most other flours. It offers a special flavor that's unique to itself. And it works so wonderfully with the flavors of the French breads that I will share with you.

To make a traditional French boule, start out by bringing some water to a boil and stir in 1 tablespoon of instant yeast. Allow it to rise for approximately 20 minutes until it has doubled in volume. Then remove it from the heat and cut it into two pieces. These pieces are going to turn into your starter bread. For this starter bread, I like to use a wheat flour blend called Flour Buy.

You will need around three cups of all purpose flour, and around three c