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An Introduction to Reflexology  

An Introduction to Reflexology

Reflexology is an alternate medical practice between the regulation of various involuntary body functions. It uses the principles of reflexology- the science of the body's nerve system - to encourage overall health and avert illness. Early writings date back to the early Egyptians, who believed that certain regions of the feet and hands were connected to specific"vital points" of the bodies and used various techniques to" activate" these points. Today, modern research has shown that reflexology can have beneficial effects in several areas of health, for example:

International Institute of Reflexology and Kinesiology: The International Institute of Reflexology and Kinesiology are a Personal, non-profit educational organization located in Rockford, IL. It offers two degree programs:"Global" and" domestically focused." Both are aimed at providing students with the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to become professional reflexologists in the USA and Canada. International Institute of Reflexology and Kinesiology also offers online education in Reflexology for those not located in the area.

Dr. William Dwyer Byers: Dr. William Dwyer Byers was an internationally recognized reflexologist and founder of the International Institute of Reflexology and Kinesiology. Dr. Byers is recognized as the world's top authority on the subject. His discoveries have help