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Origin of Thai Massage  

Origin of Thai Massage

Thai massage is really a handheld massage that usually employs light touch stimulation of their joints and muscles, and even light kneading pressure. In addition, it can be known as Thai palm massage. The massage generally starts with an exhalation, followed closely with active application of kneading stress or gentle movement through specific muscle areas. It can be used for complete body massage or targeted relaxation of particular factors. It's one of the most common non-traditional methods to treating muscle aches and body dysfunctions.

Like most Eastern treatments, Thai massage uses a blend of compression and stretching of the muscle cells in the deep layers of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It employs lots of the exact same stretching techniques that are used in various forms of yoga, but applies them in a much more extreme fashion. The outcome is the fact that it helps to elongate and strengthen those muscles that have been stretched out by stretching, while at precisely exactly the same time releasing some sore or tight muscles. This is reached by applying abrupt, strong, short bursts of extending pressure that causes the muscles to contract sharply, but subsequently relaxes them whenever they're done. In a western fashion massage, on the flip side, stretching is applied using long, flowing strokes.

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