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Designing Custom Dinnerware Pattern  

Designing Custom Dinnerware Pattern

The handmade plates are always a symbol of beauty when they are made from sturdy and solid ceramic. Most handmade plates are available with an 8¡± diameter which is ordered to be printed with a unique method which makes sure there is a vibrant and crisp permanent finish. Specialized for being used as ornament or serving plates, our custom dinnerware has classic designs having a small shallow depression and a wide lip.

Displaying these plates is a doddle since they are accompanied with back folding plastic stands. Your artwork colors are well depicted using their glory, definition and boldness. Front of your plate is where designs are printed while the back remains clear and neutral which is a perfect contrast. The ones made with ceramic have small stand shallow depression, durable high quality, hard wearing, and a vibrant print.

How Plate Printing Works

Your design is the main factor. After being uploaded on the manufacturer¡¯s interface, then they begin the production process. Specialists experienced to print custom dinnerware will always ensure the designs are of high quality, and in a long lasting print. The technology has brought printing method which will maintain your artwork for a long period, provided instructions on care are followed. The base tone being brilliantly white, they make color to be pretty beautiful and vibrant.

Care Instructions