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GOLF IS HARD TV: July 2021  

GOLF IS HARD TV: July 2021

I'm going to leave playing corporate logo titleist golf balls every day to the pros and retired folks. Regardless, blind shots that yield long searches for balls are not going to be successful and rather than adding an element of fun to the game, have a deleterious effect. We continue to work through the logistics of this with the current and subsequent year venues but with staff furloughed both in clubs and at Scottish Golf, this process is going to take some time and we will provide further updates on the 2021 calendar in the coming months. 1 Ball-Fitter in Golf, unveiled today its new Limited Edition e12 SOFT Patriot Pack supporting Tee It Up for the Troops. Cross Creek also has lighted fairways and a lighted driving range for evening golf, so every schedule is accommodated. The course offers a nice large range to warm up on. This par 5 offers a relatively generous landing zone for your tee shot.

Once set up, it will ask you to "Move to Tee Box" and when you get on the tee box, the watch automatically detects which hole you are on (in this case the Siol 9 course) and immediately gives you the distances for that particular hole. I will share a few interesting things about Augusta National that differ from virtually every private club. I can tell you their budget is multi-millions of dollars beyond even the highest budgeted private club courses. Even with the best construction and highest quality sand in the industry, fried egg lies still happen. 9 Look how green the turfgrass is due to the sand topdressing generating heat. Actually the greens are significantly more off-color and browner than you see on TV due to the television filters. Withholding water results in the wilting brown spots you see in the photo below. Plenty of golf left to be played and a number of players who can conjure up magic heading into round 2. Nice to see Tiger back in action and on a day when his long game was rather awry, it was his short game that kept him in it.

Less aggressive players will try to play left of the bunkers, while aggressive players will try to carry the bunkers to leave the ideal approach angle into the green. Fiona and Alex had to give 8 shots and with the conditions being awful and no mats allowed it was a difficult day for all the players. The greens may be mowed and rolled 6-8 times a day to get the desired conditions. Therefore on any given day, counting the hours our staff members do to help Adam with the range, the guys may a total of 400 man hours of work. Through the use of language, man can communicate with each other.