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The DESIRE FOR Nail Polish  

The DESIRE FOR Nail Polish

Nearly all women when asked admit they are prepared to spend on the odds for any bottle of nail polish & most of them also have a lot more than ten nail decorative colors of their beauty cabinet. The fascinating aspect concerning this is that though women use these extensively, very few of them know much about the origin of nail polish and how it has evolved over the years.

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The first reference of people using nail polish as a way to embellish their finger nails can be traced back to the changing times of the Incas, who used it to paint pictures of eagles. They used nail decoration so that you can communicate their hierarchy and position. Additionally, it not so uncommon for the Inca tribe men to paint colourful images of the many gods on their nails, with the sun god accorded the prime status. It really is believed that the Incas might have been practicing this within their culture going back over 4000 years!

A brief history of nail polish or nail coloring as a trend begins in the past in 3000 B.C. The Chinese are credited with utilizing a unique sort of nail enamel on their fingertips that could turn the precise fingernail a reddish or pink colour. Similarly, people in India also utilize the Henna dye to paint their fingernails especially during festivals and during weddings.